Zen in daily life

Zen teacher Dogen and the Soto approach to Zen

About Sitting Zazen

How to sit Zazen, What is really Zazen - you can find the answers in roles for sitting in Zazen, FukanZazengi - a short composition of great deepness and concrete and direct guidelines for Zazen. Being the premier text for Zazen by all Soto Zen teachers and trainees since Dogen wrote it almost 800 years ago.

Keizan's guidelines for sitting in Zazen, - Zazenyojinki - more long and detailed guidelines for Zazen. Wonderful words and deep insights - direct wisdom from an enlightened teacher. Keizan (1268-1325) based his work on Fukanzazengi and elaborated it for the benefit of everyone that want to practice Zazen and find his true self.

To Helping words From Danny Waxman book: Zen Questions and Answers