Zen in daily life

Zen teacher Dogen and the Soto approach to Zen

About Our Teacher Danny Waxman

Mr. Dan Waxman is a layman Soto-Zen teacher. He is an indoor disciple of the Zen-teacher Prof. Masunaga Reiho. He went to Japan in 1958, and there learned, Zen, Jodo, and Ninjutsu, for 13 years, between the years 1958-1984. He was born in 1936 and has three children. He also holds 6th Dan degree from the Kodokan Judo institute and a 15th Dan in Bujinkan Ninjutsu.

Since September 1994, he has been giving regulars weekly Zen lessons in Tel-Aviv area. In our Zen meetings, we sit Zazen, do Kinhin, and then Sensei reads from the writing of Dogen Zenji or from his teacher's writings, and answers the student's questions. Afterwards we enjoy drinking tea and eating cake together, and the session ends.

For current time and places of Zazen and Budo lessons please refer to the learning Zen in Israel.

Danny, together with his Zen disciple Ofer translated three of Prof. Masunaga books: The Soto approach to Zen, Zen beyond Zen, Zen in daily life, work that lasted four years. The unified translation of the three books was published in 2006 under the name The direct way to the True-Self, in the Blue-Cliff publishing house.

Danny wrote a Zen Book which it's title is Zen Questions and Answers. The book is based on his talks during Zazen sessions along many years of practice. The book was published in Hebrew in May 2000. Ofer have translated this book from Hebrew to English. Some of the Questions and Answers are presented in this site.

Lately the book was translated to Russian, and it is being published by Ves Publications on July 20th, 2012. The book can be seen and can be ordered at the website of Ves Publishing. The book is coming out in stores at 120 city in Russia and 6 virtual stores. You can find the list of stores in the publishers web site. The translation is also available in Israel at ISRADON.com. Our hope is that it will be possible to publish the book in other languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish, and so on.

Mr. Danny Waxman also teaches Let-go Judo and Ninjutsu, right now in Tel-Aviv area on Fridays mornings.