Zen in daily life

Zen teacher Dogen and the Soto approach to Zen

The importance of the Universal Mind

By zen master Danny Waxman

Developing the Universal mind establishes the foundations of peace and humanism. Someone who develops its Universal mind reach not only to the level of Human development where he or she loves his race, his people, nation and community; but he or she loves also all other human beings, all other nations, people and races. Such a person loves not only those who are similar, but also those who are different. If you don't love other people, they also will not love you, but if you love them, eventually, they will love you too. This is a most simple and valid law of nature. It is true everywhere and is the founding principle of the future, of creating a better world and of establishing peace in any level of socialization.

What is the essential element of the Universal Mind? Non discrimination. The Universal Mind does not discriminate. It is fully emancipated from thoughts that establish contrast and opposition. A person with Universal Mind has already released himself from the Ego. He found its true self and he or she works solely for the happiness of humanity. He or She does not discriminate between religions, between women and men, between colors of the skin or because of belonging to a nation, country, or specific culture, or because being in a certain social status or economical state.  No Discrimination exists. This human being is ready to assist and is actually helping without any kind of discrimination to everyone to be what they really are - to reach one's true self.

The key to the Universal Mind is finding true teacher that will help you to find your self through Zazen sitting. The Zen teacher will transmit the true law of Buddha to you while sitting Zazen together and eventually you will be able to find your true self and you would be able to excel and learn the way of the Universal Mind. Human being that developed a Universal Mind is a Boddhisatva.

The Universal Mind is not limited and stipulated by the share of one's Intelligent or by all others aspects or things that establish opposition. Anybody can elevate and reach the Universal Mind. The street cleaner, the high-school teacher, the High-Tec manager, the newspapers seller, the Prime Minister; anyone can be among those who developed this unique mind.

Those who developed the Universal Mind are not chasing after fame and profit. They can appear and be-known in society or be concealed, all according to the circumstances. When they choose to act they function with efficiency and compassion and not seek fame or rewards for themselves.

No one will throw a petrol bomb on persons with a Universal Mind, or will act with violence against them. They don't bump into such situations; usually, it does not happen to them. Never the less, If such dangerous events do occur; then they fight. They are not going to be taken like sheep to the slaughter as it was in Auschwitz concentration camp, and will not present the other cheek to the abuser when life and freedom are in danger. The Universal Mind is not oriented towards killing, but every human being must protect him or her self, and must not become a victim. Although we elevated and developed the Universal Mind, we still must not be victims.

The Universal Mind is the outcome of training in Zazen. When fully developed it takes over the place of the Ego in the overall personality of the Human being, a space that was evacuated by the extinction of the Ego after the trainee has penetrated its true self.  Such a person helps other people to reach their true self and literally manifest his or her Universal Mind in daily life.