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Preliminary words:

It is a privilege to include such fine and interesting sites in our Links page. Every site in this page has some extra added value to offer to the interested surfer. I visited each of the sites before it was added into the list. This site is always on construction. You are welcome to suggest new related sites and we will do our best to respond. Please have enriching surfing, and may the spirit of openness, freedom, and mutual learning will persist forever and will be enhanced.

Dear visitor, please remember: I always search for new beneficial Sites, and generally new sites are placed in the end of the relevant sub list! So look again from time to time and you will surely find new magnificent treasures. When the word NEW is written in the end of a link, it means that the link is new to the site, not that it is new in the Net.

You are invited to enter the Blue-Cliff publication site (in hebrew)

Also see my Tai-chi Chuan site and my Bujinkan Ninjutsu - (with many articles) site.

Hebrew readers are invited to my site about Applied Thinking: www.think-kadima.com.

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