Zen in daily life

Zen teacher Dogen and the Soto approach to Zen

About learning Zen in Israel

Everyone that wish to learn Zen with Danny Waxman can do it in the following ways:

Zen meetings - Zazen oriented sessions, Schedule and date/time may change over the years. Zen-Judo and Martial Arts (Ninjutsu): At Fridays mornings between 9.30-11.45 (combining Martial Arts and Zen), in Ramat-Hen. In those matters please call Tanya 972-54-700-7906, taisafinsky@hotmail.com

To join the Zen in Daily Life E-Mail list: ofer999@gmail.com

It is also possible to meet Danny on a personal level, with a prior notice of a week or so.

Danny inclination is for short Seminars (3-4) hours at the most. They are of two kinds:

  1. Danny's unique teaching approach that include Zen, Let-go Judo and Ninjutsu, and important elements from the teaching of his teacher and friend, the late Moshe Feldenkrais.
  2. Basically Zazen oriented sessions.

The coming seminars or other events will be noticed here!

It is currently possiable to communicate reasonably in the Zen and MA sessions in English, Japanese, and of course in Hebrew.

Danny is ample in conducting Seminars anywhere in the world, if he is wanted! Please notify me of such need and a schedule will be set in a reasonable time.

How to make contact with us

You are welcome to contact us in any matter that relates to Zen training, Zazen, and Questions that you have concerning Martial Arts and its connection to Zen and about similar subjects.

To contact us send an e-mail to: ofer999@gmail.com or call me (Ofer) to 972-52-8809109 or to 972-3-5037440 in Israel.

We will try our best to answer as soon as we can.

How to join the Zen in Daily Life E-Mail list

To join our e-mail list, please e-mail your Name and Country to our e-mail (ofer999@gmail.com).

Actually, we have 2 E-mail lists. One for the people that are in Israel and have interest to attend in our Zen sessions. The other E-mail list is for all our current and future friends around the world that currently are not able to practice with us.

Other Zen related activities in Israel

  1. A site (in Hebrew) to search for Buddhism in Israel
  2. Some universities in Israel like Tel-Aviv University, and Haifa University, have courses that deal with the history of Buddhism, and its main doctrines. Some of them try to present the history and the stories of the Zen masters.
  3. Some individuals have been in Japan or other Eastern countries and learned Zen there for some period of time.
  4. Others Groups or centers practicing Zen and Buddhism in Israel: