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About The Editors

Ofer Cohen - the head editor of the site

Ofer Cohen's premier Zen teacher is Dan Waxman, a disciple of Prof. Masunaga Reiho. Together with Danny Waxman he translated 3 books of Zen from English to Hebrew (the books of Prof. Masunaga). He also translated Danny Waxman's book "Zen - Questions and answers", from Hebrew to English, and is the builder and the editor of this site.

Ofer also learned Zen from Rev. Saikawa Roshi from Sojiji, Japan, and learns also from Mr. James Yamada, another disciple of Prof. Masunaga.

Ofer practices Bujinkan Ninjutsu and received 10dan degree from the Soke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei in Japan. His Premier teachers in Israel are Danny Waxman and Doron Navon, Dr. Hatsumi's direct disciples, and the first two foreigners that actually learned with Dr. Hatsumi Sensei. Ofer also learned with Dr. Hatsumi Sensei, and with his disciples Shiraishi Sensei, and Senoh Sensei. He was also a student of Sensei Ilan Gattegno one of Doron Navon first students.

He also practices Chen style Tai-Chi-Chuan for more then 15 years. His former teachers are Mr. Koji Sadamoto from Japan and Mr. Fito Shraiber from Israel, a student of Mr. Sadamoto, who taught him the form for several years. In the last few years, Ofer learns the Let-go Judo from Sensei Danny Waxman.

Ofer was lucky to meet and be taught by Sensei M.W from Singapore.

He is a certified instructor of Martial Arts - Wingate institute of Physical Education, and currently holds MA degree in Philosophy, and BA in Computer-Science and in Psychology. He is living in the Tel-Aviv area (Holon), and is married.

Ofer teaches Ninjutsu, Self defence for women, and Tai-chi chuan - Chen Style in Tel-Aviv area.

His book "Tai Chi and other Treasures" was published in June 2003. It is written in Hebrew, containing 90 chapters, 214p. More details about the book can be found in Blue Cliff Publishing House. The cover of the book is presented in Announcements page.

Itay - editor of the site

Itay started zen practice by learning martial arts and Judo from Zen teacher Dan Waxman and became his zen student. Itay joined Ofer in planning the new version of this site. He wrote and designing the new version of this site in practice (mostly in 2005).

Although Itay is away at upstate NY, he continues to consider Dan Waxman as his teacher, he sees him every year, and continues to practice zazen acording to his way. Itay is also a student of his teacher Yoshin David Radin in upstate NY and practices regularly. He met and continues to meet with the following teachers: Dai-En Roshi and her disciple Daishin McCabe from Mt. Equity zendo Jihoji, Koyo Osho from University zen center Boulder CO.

Itay Learned Ninjitsu from Avigdor kan, Yehuda Malul, Dan Waxman, and Ofer Cohen. He started in 1996 to study with Avigdor and Yehuda and continues to practice and learn Ninjitsu to this day and holds 4-th dan from Bujinkan (the school of the Head of the system Dr. Hatsumi). Itay learned Tai-chi chan style from Ofer Cohen and learns Yang style (long form) from Myoko Maureen Vivino. He was also fortunate to learn Wing Chun from Wee Don Teo.

Itay had the opportunaty to instruct Ninjitsu alongside Leah Himmelhoch at HWS college in Geneva NY.